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Kippah Size and Measuring Tips

The Kippah arrives in various sizes and materials.

In some cases, the size and material indicates ones affiliation with a certain Jewish sector.

For example, the orthodox wear a black cloth or plush Kippah

אירופה: כיסוי ראש ייאסר במקומות עבודה

The Breslev Hasidim wear a large usually white knitted Kippah

כיפת ברסלב

The reilgious Zionism sector (Tzionut Datit) wears knitted Kippah from thin small hand knitted Kippah to large frik Kippah.


There are diverse opinions regarding the size requirements of a Kippah. The accepted custom is that size does not matter, as long as it covers part of the head. However, people who are meticulous with their religious observance will wear a Kippah which covers most of the head.


How do we measure the Kippah?

Most of the Kippah we have in our store are measured like this. Sizes range from 17 cm to 26 cm in diameter and all our offered Kippah are designed for adults unless otherwise stated.

The Bukharian Kippah size indicates its circumference in cm.

While browsing our Kippah offers, you will note that the material and size are always noted, as well as the way it was measured- whether by diameter or circumference.





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